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Truck Menu- 2024

At our food truck, we believe that it’s important to offer something for everyone. That’s why we’ve worked hard to craft a menu that accommodates a range of dietary needs and preferences. Our evolving menu is the result of feedback from our customers, as well as constant experimentation with new flavors and ingredients. We invite you to come taste the results for yourself!

Small Bites

Tasty Morsels to get you going!

Shoestring Fries image

Shoestring Fries

A generous helping of crispy shoestring fries with sea salt. Served with ketchup, or pick your favorite dipping sauce!


Lactose free
Dairy free
Gluten free
Greek Fries image

Greek Fries

Our shoestring fries, topped with crumbled imported Feta cheese, onions, oregano and sea salt. Served with yogurt sauce.


Fried Ravioli image

Fried Ravioli

These delightful Fried Ravioli bites are crispy on the outside with a delicious butternut squash filling. Served with basil aioli!


Mac n' Cheese image

Mac n' Cheese

Elbow pasta with real cheddar, heavy cream, green onions and seasoned breadcrumbs. Spice it up with Chorizo, bacon or jalapenos!


Sugar free
Spanakopita Samosas image

Spanakopita Samosas

Two handmade samosas stuffed with spinach, Swiss chard, leeks, fresh herbs and feta cheese. Enjoy with minted yogurt sauce.


Crispy Chicken wings image

Crispy Chicken wings

The perfect game-day or any-day appetizer. Six chicken wings seasoned with rotisserie chicken spice rub and tossed in your favorite sauce!


Gluten free
Dairy free
Sesame Tofu Bites image

Sesame Tofu Bites

Vegan...and gluten free. Tossed in seasoned potato starch, rolled in flaxseed and then coated with white and black sesame seeds. Enjoy with a choice of Teriyaki sauce, garlic Honey sauce, or sweet Thai chili sauce!


Sugar free
Lactose free
Gluten free

Big Bites

...for big appetites, a diverse range of flavorful dishes!

The Big Cheese image

The Big Cheese

Charbroiled burger with 7oz. beef patty, aged cheddar, Monterey and Swiss cheeses, lettuce, tomato, red onion, bang-bang sauce, brioche bun.


Delirious mushroom Burger image

Delirious mushroom Burger

Charbroiled 7 oz beef patty with mixed sauteed mushrooms, bacon, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, arugula, harissa aioli, brioche bun.


CALIFORNIA DREAMING Chicken Burger image


Grilled 6 oz chicken breast, red onion, Lettuce, tomato, avocado, fresh mozzarella cheese, citrus aioli, brioche bun.


Mike's Reuben image

Mike's Reuben

Six ounces of homemade juicy and tender corned beef, melted Swiss cheese and Bang-bang slaw on grilled rye.


The Rachael image

The Rachael

This delicious Rachel sandwich is a twist on Mike's Reuben sandwich using roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and thousand island dressing on marble rye bread, then grilled to golden perfection.


Cubano image


Tender pork tenderloin marinated in citrus juice and spices is slowly roasted, then sandwiched together with black forest ham, Swiss cheese, Kosher dills and yellow mustard in a grilled Cuban bread roll.


Cajun Salmon Sandwich image

Cajun Salmon Sandwich

Blackened wild Sockeye Salmon filet, topped with cabbage/fennel slaw and citrus aioli, on a Cuban bread roll.


Dairy free
Bahn Mi image

Bahn Mi

Chicken, pork or sesame tofu bites, drizzled with hoisin sauce, mixed pickled root vegetables, cucumbers, and our vegan habanero/cilantro aioli, in a crusty French bread roll.


Gluten Free - Golden Nuggets with Fries image

Gluten Free - Golden Nuggets with Fries

Gluten free handcrafted chicken nuggets! Rice panko and potato starch, mixed with parmesan cheese and seasonings give these nuggets a perfect crunch. Enjoy with your favorite sauce!


The Real Greek Gyro Wrap image

The Real Greek Gyro Wrap

Our gyro wraps are identical to those served in Greece! We make our own beef gyro meat and serve it in a grilled pita with tomato, onions and homemade tzatziki.

1 Gyro


Make it two


Garden Bites

Miso sesame tofu burger image

Miso sesame tofu burger

Sesame coated tofu patty, with miso/maple/tahini coleslaw and pickled ginger, on a toasted sesame bun.


Gluten free
Grilled Portobello mushroom burger image

Grilled Portobello mushroom burger

Grilled portobello mushroom with crispy fried onions, swiss cheese, Tomato, coleslaw and arugula with vegan cilantro aioli on a sesame bun.


Crunchy Asian salad image

Crunchy Asian salad

Shrimp, Tofu Bites or grilled chicken, chopped cabbage, shredded pickled root vegetables, celery, edamame, and crunchy chow mein noodles, with sriracha/ginger vinaigrette.


Grilled Caesar Salad image

Grilled Caesar Salad

Charred romaine heart, applewood bacon, herb croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing.


Kids Bites

Kids Mac and cheese image

Kids Mac and cheese

elbow macaroni with real cheddar cheese and heavy cream


kids cheeseburger slider image

kids cheeseburger slider

Two and a half ounce beef patty with cheddar cheese on a slider bun with ketchup. Served with fries!


Kids grilled cheese image

Kids grilled cheese

Simple grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar cheese


Kids Nuggets and fries image

Kids Nuggets and fries

Gluten free handcrafted chicken nuggets! Rice panko and potato starch, mixed with parmesan cheese and seasonings give these nuggets a perfect crunch. Served with fries.



Bottled water image

Bottled water

Refresh yourself!


Assorted soft drinks. image

Assorted soft drinks.

Self service. Check our cooler in front of the truck!


Gatorade image


Assorted flavors


Pellegrino flavored sodas image

Pellegrino flavored sodas

Assorted flavors


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